Friday, October 17, 2008

Life's Purpose in this economy?

ok I know that the majority of America is panicked and many people are so caught up in an emotional wind tunnel that they are forgetting who they are and why we are all here! I know for a fact that the given state of the economy is a gift, it is a chance for us all to look deep and connect with our authentic selves-no more shopping sprees to numb us out-this is real and this is now! We must take advantage of these lean times and really ask ourselves what this life is all about and how were we as individuals meant to contribute. Here is a short exercise below...

Life Purpose Exercise
1. List two of your unique personal qualities i.e. passion and emotion

2. List one or two ways you enjoy expressing those qualities when interacting with others i.e. "I like to inspire and ignite other people's passions by teaching, coaching and mentoring."

3. Assume the world is perfect right now. What does it look and feel like? How is everyone interacting with one another? Remember a perfect world is a fun place to be.;) ie. "Everyone is financially free and has time and money to pursue their passions. Everyone is spiritually healthy and manifesting good to all they encounter."

4. Combine numbers 2&3 i.e. "My purpose is to use my passion and emotion to support others and ignite their passions, helping them to become spiritually healthy and financially free."

5. How will you contribute your gifts to others? How does it show up? What does it look like? i.e. "How I contribute my gift is by mentoring and coaching others to discover their deepest truest self and giving them the confidence to pursue their best life. I use Zrii as a vehicle to financial freedom and share with others the gift of health, financial bliss and confidence to live life the way it was meant to be lived-helping one another and enjoying ourselves along the way."

*Exercise by Jack Canfield-adapted by Tara Marino

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Hour with the Ladies

So I am headed off to Happy Hour with my Ladies Who Launch group at Delux on Camelback, I love this place and the fries are AMAZING;0
The boys are preciosuly watching Little Bear on tv and I am attempting to look cute and sexy but not overly done...will do a post about that soon!
It is so important for ous mom to get out there, discuss topics that are important and inspiring to us and be around like minded women.
So off I go

Monday, October 13, 2008


I am sitting in my Arizona backyard looking at bright pink bougainvillea and listening softly to the breeze and the distant cars. It has finally cooled off and this is the time of year when I remember why we live here.
So simple yet so often out of seems more peaceful than usual maybe it was the Yogi meditative tea I drank this morning ( I did have two cups;) or perhaps it is solely my state of mind. I am choosing inner peace-very inexpensive I may add-but completely rich in rewards.
I challenge you all today to take a deep breath, look around, feel the universe in your soul and smile.
Love and Promise,

Saturday, October 11, 2008

What is your life's purpose?

Wow, so I have continued to learn a lot about myself this month. I have discovered my purpose in life and feel so absolutely exhilerated! My passion is to use my passion and emotion to help others to ignite their passions while aiding them in finding spititual health and financial wealth! Life is incredible truly;) I sot here sometimes and see my life's potential, my true worth as a woman, a mom, a wife and the world seems so open...then I become paralyzed. Well this month I am vowing to fit through that! I want to explore all possibilities and options, I want to live, explore and have fun. So this is the plan

1. Start blogging 3 times a week
2. Start mentoring and coaching 2 times a week
3. Plan trip to Mexico to help open company
4. Research Mexico and places to live safely with kids (any insight here would be great;)