Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Design by Shauna Designs

What do you think of my new design? I was fortunate enough to come across Shauna Designs, I highly highly recommend her. She is fast, reliable and her prices are amazing! You can contact her here at

Thank you Shauna! I love your work

Whats a girl to do? Rely on Friends Friends Friends

So I am a little bit better on the recovery end and my emotions are beginning to stabilize-thank God. I have been trying to juggle recovery, the kids and my lingerie business. I needed some creative energy today-so I called an amazing friend who I respect and admire. We ended up spending 3 hrs together at AJs brain storming and just being there for each other-it was just what I needed. I left with an action plan for my business and a smile on my face. Friends are supposed to do that for you, they are supposed to encourage you and build confidence. I feel so blessed and keep an eye out for my lingerie line;)!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Super Mom

Boobies much better today:) I am attempting to make my boys lives interesting without overburdening them with activities. I read a recent article that talked about kidies having stress like symptoms from being carted to Dance lessons, then Piano lesson, Swim Lessons, and homework! I want my kids to be kids, I also want them to be perfect:) ha. So I signed my 5 year old up for Tae Kwon Do, he seemed to LOVE it! I was such a proud mama as I watched him yell "Yes Sir" and punch the air. When we came home I had an art activity all set for them to go-we painted wooden trains, and I had to restrain myself from grabbing the paint brush from my 2 year old as he slopped green paint all over the silver wheels. Tomorrow I will post a picture of the not so perfectly painted trains-but they really loved it, my 5 year old had a break down just before bed because he already can't find his slightly yellow, pinkish red choo choo train-but hell they made them and they enjoyed it. Now excuse me while I go scrub paint off the dining room table! AHGG

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Where does it go?

Still recovering from my BOOB JOB, they seem to be getting a little smaller but not much!
So my little ones are still in school and I spent every second that they were gone completely consumed in....crap. running from this appointment to that one, emptying the dishwasher, doing the laundry, sweeping the floors, prepping dinner-I swear I need a full time maid-by the time I was done it was time to go get the kids. I feel completely drained and not as though I accomplished anything monumental-it is so overwhelming sometimes, trying to figure out where to spend my time, where am I most valuable? Then I tucked my two kids into bed-after of course bribing them with a Popsicle and then watched their gorgeous little faces as they softened and entered that world of peace. I suppose my time is best spent watching them and really being impacted by who they are and what is important to them...So much for lists, more homeopathy appointments tomorrow and hopefully some much needed rest so I can recover!

*the above picture captures it perfectly and is from, a really cool site for moms who are doing everything for everybody. Check it out

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Burnt toast syndrome

SO how many other moms out there find themselves doing this? Come on please tell me it is not just me! You know, you are making everyone breakfast and a piece of toast gets burnt-no one wants it, but you jump to the rescue 'don't worry I'll take it!' And it's not just about toast? How many times have you just taken the left overs, or made everyone else dinner except yourself? I am making a new promise to myself, I am going to TRY and take care of me first! What is it with us? I know intellectually that the way I treat myself is ultimately the way they are going to treat me and more importantly the way they are going to eventually treat themselves! But I get caught in the martyr syndrome, and dam it I am done! Seriously, I want my toast lightly toasted and I want a fresh salad-not the leaves at the bottom after everyone else has picked through. So come one moms-join me, let's start taking care of ourselves!

Friday, July 25, 2008

The things we do and don't do....

Ok so the crazy life of a mama...I had my Hubby bring our 2 yr old to daycare this morning because I know I couldn't stand it to leave him there crying...and I went to drop our 5 yr old-(my recovery is getting better and my boobies have actually shrunk a little bit;) on my way home I thought I would call and check on him-and he was still crying. Around 9:30 I decided I would go check on him, it is really close to my house and they have a window so the kiddies can't see you looking-well I watched him for about 5 minutes and he was in the corner and every once in a while he would call 'Mama' aggghh, my heart was I stormed in and grabbed him. I told the teacher we would try again on Monday. We barely got out into the driveway when he started smiling and saying 'Mama school fun...'oh the little S*%^! We get home and we are there for about 20 minutes before he is in the sink, crawling on the dresser, and dumping boxes of cereal onto the floor...I thought to myself what am I doing I am not even supposed to be carrying him and it is only 10am I can't do this all day. So I said 'you want to go to school?' and he said 'yeah mama back to school' I threw him in the stroller before he could change his mind and signed him back in at 10:05. You would think I would be better at this since I have been through it before...but oh the emotional roller coaster you go through as a mom.!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I get so emotional baby

So if I wasn't emotional enough yesterday I watched P.S. I love you today while I am still trying to recover in bed! Oh my Lord, so emotional my husband calls me Whitney when ever I get like this and always says 'it's ok baby, I get so emotional baby, every time I think of you' funny maybe but not when you are crying your eyes out! Seriously I haven't cried this much in a long time, maybe it's the meds from the plastic surgery-man that Vicodan will knock you out.
So I have spent the morning sending my husband a sappy, sappy email telling him how much I adore him and that I am blessed to have him in my life. Then spent the next hour trying to fall asleep, I am exhausted and I CAN'T sleep, why does that happen-especially now that I have a quiet house!
I am hoping to be back in the swing of things by next week-but in the mean time I hired Maid Pro to come and clean today-wow I am really milking this plastic surgery thing huh? But I figure I am entitled, I have much more important things to do with my International Business degree, like shop on the Internet and write blogs;)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oh the depth of it

Ok so I am in an emotional ball right now. Today was my first follow up from the surgery-the first time I drove-I had my stitches taken out boobs are still big! OMG they are not as small as I had wanted and I feel like complete SHIT, I left the doctors office in tears and sat int he parking lot continuing to beat myself up for 20 minutes with thoughts like these running through my head "Why did you do this in the first place, are you that vain?" "All the money this cost and you are not even happy?" "Now your kids are in daycare because you are so selfish" "Now your husband is working overtime and paying for daycare that is your job" "What good are you if you can't do your job?" Ok still quite emotional about this so hold on while I dry off the keyboard...
So I got home and called by best friend of 18 years and was consoled by her ever so present embracing nature as she assured me that I am not a bad mom, that I have a good hear, and that all these things are temporary and that I need to rest so I can properly take care of my family. Then she reminded me that 4 weeks ago I was bitching because I couldn't get a moment to myself-so she told me to shut up lay on the couch and take a nap-:) What are best friends for?

I came across a site dedicated to girlfriends this is what they have to say

What are the qualities of a great girlfriend?
Someone who sees what's right about me!
Someone who will keep my secrets & trust me with hers
Someone I can be my true self around
Someone I can laugh with
Someone I can see every day or sometimes not for a year and we still connect like sisters
Someone who will stand by me in good times and in bad
Someone who will stand up for me if need be
Someone who will lovingly give me hygiene tips if needed
Someone who will remind me of all the great things about me when I am feeling a mess
Someone who values me as an individual
Someone who will always be there for me no matter what kind of mood I'm in
Someone who I can trust
Someone who always has my best interest at heart

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dirty Little Secrets

So I have a confession, I bought a bunch of stuff off the Nordies website and hid it under the bed! I am wrestling with the idea of returning it all-I have this compulsion especially when I am couped up and of course I needed all new clothes just because I got my boobs redone. Which by the way are still too big! I really wanted to go down to a B and it looks like a full C-my patient Italian husband looked overjoyed as I almost cried when he returned home from work today. "What the F*%K? We just spent another 5k on those puppies!" Actually he didn't say any of that I could see it in his eyes as he quickly picked up the whining toddler and brought him to bed.

oh la la

ok, so as I sit in my bed trying desperately not to think about the house in it's newly wrecked state-thank you honey you are doing a great job with the kids;) Since I can not get up and physically DO the laundry I have found myself searching the web on one of my favorite sites, A Touch of Europe, and came across this amazing laundry bag. So I will follow the docs orders and pretend all of my laundry is stuffed in this beautiful French European laundry bag-and that my very own French maid is going to show up and take care of it before I recover!

Itty Bitty Titties

I am home in bed today-yes one of the only moments a mom has to close her eyes in when she is in bed and the only excuse we have to rest is when we are sick. Not sure if we bring it on or it's just society-either way! This time I am not sick-nope I had ...PLASTIC SURGERY!!! That's right I am a suburban mom in Scottsdale Arizona who had plastic surgery;) What did I have done? Well three years ago I insisted-and I mean insisted-, if you know me you know I typically get what I want, on getting my boobs done. My husband politely-in his ever so humble Italian way-told me to wait until we were done having kids so...I got my boobs done. I went from a small A to a full D! Trying to perfect the image of skinny and big boobs I never imagined what it would be like to carry those suckers around! I have been wearing a sports bra for 3 years 24/7 and any ideas I had of sexy clothing were out of the question because as my husband calls it THE SHERA BRA was always necessary-nothing cute about thick nude straps sticking out of that slinky black tank. So after much cajoling and many I told you sos from my husband oh and after nursing another child...I went back in. Now I am a C, perfect I feel better, of course all my husbands friends are calling to apologize that he has lost his fun bags!

Which brings me back to the reason I am in bed-supposing to be resting-what is is with us type A's anyway? Dominic went to school this morning like a champ, but because I really cant do much we had to resort to taking Nico to daycare across the street, they just called and he has been crying for over 40 minutes. Ahh, now I feel like a great mom-no guilt here-just can't take care of my kid because I insisted on getting a boob job. Lovely