Saturday, October 11, 2008

What is your life's purpose?

Wow, so I have continued to learn a lot about myself this month. I have discovered my purpose in life and feel so absolutely exhilerated! My passion is to use my passion and emotion to help others to ignite their passions while aiding them in finding spititual health and financial wealth! Life is incredible truly;) I sot here sometimes and see my life's potential, my true worth as a woman, a mom, a wife and the world seems so open...then I become paralyzed. Well this month I am vowing to fit through that! I want to explore all possibilities and options, I want to live, explore and have fun. So this is the plan

1. Start blogging 3 times a week
2. Start mentoring and coaching 2 times a week
3. Plan trip to Mexico to help open company
4. Research Mexico and places to live safely with kids (any insight here would be great;)

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