Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Years in San Diego BABY

So Dave and I took the kids to San Diego for New Years.  There is no better place to start fresh than taking a deep breath of ocean air and running on the sand.  So New Years day that is exactly what I did.  The fresh sir penetrated my nose and cleared my senses, while the soft sand gave me the strength to push on and reminded me that pushing through to meet my goals in 2009 will be well worth it.  Here are a few things that came to mind

*Develop increasing leadership in Zrii
*Unite Zrii and my love for CARE
*Spend next summer in San Diego
*Develop web presence and capture pages
*Go to a Jack Johnson concert, in Hawaii
*Spend more time in the kids classrooms
*Date night with Dave twice a month, outside of work
*Complete my first Triathlon
*Take a pole dance class

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