Saturday, May 9, 2009

Authentic Mom Moments

Ok so I am attemtping to play Candy Land with my two kids and they scramble for the ice princess card and the youngest one smacks his brother on the back when he realizes he is losing! I have still not taken a shower, my husband is at the store looking for some sort of Mother's Day brunch;) and I want to run away to a French cafe-solo. Well maybe solo for an afternoon, or evening as I would soon miss the sound of screaming boys as they wrestle for the latest toy in demand, (whomever had it last is the most prized toy, no matter if it has been sitting in our house for ages:)

ok I better go, my turn to be the "Ice Princess" my 3 year old is pushing the kitchen chair across the floor heading for the kitchen cabinets!

love to all you Mothers,

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Deborah Tutnauer, LCSW said...

Beautiful mom thoughts you shared today. For mother's day what I really want is a few uninterrupted hours to think!!! Besides running three businesses and home schooling my dear daughter, this week we had two dance rehersals, two dance recitals and we are heading to Europe in three days and I've yet to pack. This mom wants hugs, kisses, a cup of tea and then the house to herself for the afternoon!