Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Santa Monica

We had a beautiful weekend with the family!  We went to Santa Monica with the boys Friday night, and to be honest I almost canceled the trip..at the last minute we were running late-well I was.  The kids were at school and I was left to pack for everyone and I admit I was bitter.  So Dave and I were on the way and I was just in that Bitchy place, there wasn't much he could do or say that I didn't jump down his throat about.  The kids could obviously feel the tension so they had temper tantrums and break downs the majority of the 6 hr drive-we finally arrived in Santa Monica shortly before midnight!

And that is when everything changed!  Immediately walking into my girlfriends house I felt a sense of relief-and no it is not because she lives in an amazing house in the Pacific Palasades;0  it is truly her presence.  She is amazing!  You know those people, the ones that put you at PEACE instead of draining you?  My two boys and Dave could sense it as well.  
The next morning we woke up to pancakes after taking showers with the boys in the upstairs suite.  Then my girlfriend and I hiked the canyon in Santa Monica-the view up there is STUNNING an it was just what my body needed to relieve the stress and anger I had been hoarding!

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