Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dream It!

I have a couple of friends in my life that are inspiring, I mean the kind of people who know what there dreams are, they have identified them and then they actually are TAKING ACTION to make them a reality.  What a concept right?  I mean how many people dream and dream, and complain and dream, and hold someone else responsible for making their dream come true?  I mean come on people, the victim line is so last decade.  Take control, take ownership and believe in yourself enough to KNOW you are worth every dream you've ever had.  If it wasn't unique to your being it would not inspire you, go for it!  If you need any inspiration check this out Dreams The Movie

The above picture is of me and Dom sleeping on the beach in Santa Monica, truly my dreams don't get much simpler than that;)


Deborah Tutnauer, LCSW said...

Love this picture Tara..hold onto those dreams and move forward!

Frenchie Mom said...

Thank you Deb;)