Sunday, November 9, 2008

Self Confidence, it comes in many forms

Learning more and more about ourselves every day is really what this experience of life is all about.  It is funny how on some days I can imagine all of my possibilities and truly feel the swelling of the universe inside... than on others, well not so much.
i am leaning to value my job as a mother and really see it as a pure and beautiful gift rather than something I am supposed to do.  Really who else could raise these beautiful boys better than me?  No one and I know that for a fact!  I need to remember that it is a privilege to be a mother and take pride in this magnificent role.
In my quest for higher learning and expansion of self I came across, The Magic of Thinking Big, an audio series I bought my hubbie for Christmas last year.  I was just listening to it in the car, and one thing keeps ringing in my mind.  "What do you really want?"..........................................
"What is stopping you?"

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