Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring Break!

So the kids are on Spring break for the week!  We had a day full of water balloons, lemonade making and baseball-as well as temper tantrums, time-outs and hitting fights.

WOW I love this wonderful space.  My life is growing in leaps and bounds and so am I.  Some questions that have been coming up for me, very interesting...

What do I REALLY want in life?

What am I doing or NOT doing to get it?

What part of me is dreaming and what part of me is just non committal?

What Plans do I have in place in order to get where I want to go?

Just some things that maybe we should ALL be considering every day;)  We exist in a space of complacency and then we complain when we are not what we say we want!  But the deep question is do we REALLY want what it is we say we want?

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