Thursday, April 16, 2009


With a heart of grace
And a mind of stone
With a touch of peace
And a word in BOLD
From a space of light
And a mind of love
From a vision of fortitude
And a purpose from above
I dedicate my spirit
My Being, My soul
To fulfill my life's mission
And let my story unfold
My place on this earth
My goal here in life
Has already been printed
Already subscribed
It is my sole venue
My undying path
My True dedication
To make impact at last
Through the eyes of my children
Through the heart of my man
I see my reflection
So clear and unmasked
I ask for your guidance
To lead me on course
To hold my heart steady
To have no remorse
I see the path clearly
Though times it can dime
I know you are with me
I will reach from within
You are there to cradle me
In times of question and grief
I need only to be quiet
To hear the true me speak
I will listen with intention
With a love open wide
I will move peacefully and slowly
On this intentional ride

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