Friday, July 25, 2008

The things we do and don't do....

Ok so the crazy life of a mama...I had my Hubby bring our 2 yr old to daycare this morning because I know I couldn't stand it to leave him there crying...and I went to drop our 5 yr old-(my recovery is getting better and my boobies have actually shrunk a little bit;) on my way home I thought I would call and check on him-and he was still crying. Around 9:30 I decided I would go check on him, it is really close to my house and they have a window so the kiddies can't see you looking-well I watched him for about 5 minutes and he was in the corner and every once in a while he would call 'Mama' aggghh, my heart was I stormed in and grabbed him. I told the teacher we would try again on Monday. We barely got out into the driveway when he started smiling and saying 'Mama school fun...'oh the little S*%^! We get home and we are there for about 20 minutes before he is in the sink, crawling on the dresser, and dumping boxes of cereal onto the floor...I thought to myself what am I doing I am not even supposed to be carrying him and it is only 10am I can't do this all day. So I said 'you want to go to school?' and he said 'yeah mama back to school' I threw him in the stroller before he could change his mind and signed him back in at 10:05. You would think I would be better at this since I have been through it before...but oh the emotional roller coaster you go through as a mom.!

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