Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Itty Bitty Titties

I am home in bed today-yes one of the only moments a mom has to close her eyes in when she is in bed and the only excuse we have to rest is when we are sick. Not sure if we bring it on or it's just society-either way! This time I am not sick-nope I had ...PLASTIC SURGERY!!! That's right I am a suburban mom in Scottsdale Arizona who had plastic surgery;) What did I have done? Well three years ago I insisted-and I mean insisted-, if you know me you know I typically get what I want, on getting my boobs done. My husband politely-in his ever so humble Italian way-told me to wait until we were done having kids so...I got my boobs done. I went from a small A to a full D! Trying to perfect the image of skinny and big boobs I never imagined what it would be like to carry those suckers around! I have been wearing a sports bra for 3 years 24/7 and any ideas I had of sexy clothing were out of the question because as my husband calls it THE SHERA BRA was always necessary-nothing cute about thick nude straps sticking out of that slinky black tank. So after much cajoling and many I told you sos from my husband oh and after nursing another child...I went back in. Now I am a C, perfect I feel better, of course all my husbands friends are calling to apologize that he has lost his fun bags!

Which brings me back to the reason I am in bed-supposing to be resting-what is is with us type A's anyway? Dominic went to school this morning like a champ, but because I really cant do much we had to resort to taking Nico to daycare across the street, they just called and he has been crying for over 40 minutes. Ahh, now I feel like a great mom-no guilt here-just can't take care of my kid because I insisted on getting a boob job. Lovely

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