Sunday, July 27, 2008

Burnt toast syndrome

SO how many other moms out there find themselves doing this? Come on please tell me it is not just me! You know, you are making everyone breakfast and a piece of toast gets burnt-no one wants it, but you jump to the rescue 'don't worry I'll take it!' And it's not just about toast? How many times have you just taken the left overs, or made everyone else dinner except yourself? I am making a new promise to myself, I am going to TRY and take care of me first! What is it with us? I know intellectually that the way I treat myself is ultimately the way they are going to treat me and more importantly the way they are going to eventually treat themselves! But I get caught in the martyr syndrome, and dam it I am done! Seriously, I want my toast lightly toasted and I want a fresh salad-not the leaves at the bottom after everyone else has picked through. So come one moms-join me, let's start taking care of ourselves!

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