Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oh the depth of it

Ok so I am in an emotional ball right now. Today was my first follow up from the surgery-the first time I drove-I had my stitches taken out boobs are still big! OMG they are not as small as I had wanted and I feel like complete SHIT, I left the doctors office in tears and sat int he parking lot continuing to beat myself up for 20 minutes with thoughts like these running through my head "Why did you do this in the first place, are you that vain?" "All the money this cost and you are not even happy?" "Now your kids are in daycare because you are so selfish" "Now your husband is working overtime and paying for daycare that is your job" "What good are you if you can't do your job?" Ok still quite emotional about this so hold on while I dry off the keyboard...
So I got home and called by best friend of 18 years and was consoled by her ever so present embracing nature as she assured me that I am not a bad mom, that I have a good hear, and that all these things are temporary and that I need to rest so I can properly take care of my family. Then she reminded me that 4 weeks ago I was bitching because I couldn't get a moment to myself-so she told me to shut up lay on the couch and take a nap-:) What are best friends for?

I came across a site dedicated to girlfriends this is what they have to say

What are the qualities of a great girlfriend?
Someone who sees what's right about me!
Someone who will keep my secrets & trust me with hers
Someone I can be my true self around
Someone I can laugh with
Someone I can see every day or sometimes not for a year and we still connect like sisters
Someone who will stand by me in good times and in bad
Someone who will stand up for me if need be
Someone who will lovingly give me hygiene tips if needed
Someone who will remind me of all the great things about me when I am feeling a mess
Someone who values me as an individual
Someone who will always be there for me no matter what kind of mood I'm in
Someone who I can trust
Someone who always has my best interest at heart

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