Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Super Mom

Boobies much better today:) I am attempting to make my boys lives interesting without overburdening them with activities. I read a recent article that talked about kidies having stress like symptoms from being carted to Dance lessons, then Piano lesson, Swim Lessons, and homework! http://kidshealth.org/parent/emotions/feelings/stress.html. I want my kids to be kids, I also want them to be perfect:) ha. So I signed my 5 year old up for Tae Kwon Do, he seemed to LOVE it! I was such a proud mama as I watched him yell "Yes Sir" and punch the air. When we came home I had an art activity all set for them to go-we painted wooden trains, and I had to restrain myself from grabbing the paint brush from my 2 year old as he slopped green paint all over the silver wheels. Tomorrow I will post a picture of the not so perfectly painted trains-but they really loved it, my 5 year old had a break down just before bed because he already can't find his slightly yellow, pinkish red choo choo train-but hell they made them and they enjoyed it. Now excuse me while I go scrub paint off the dining room table! AHGG

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